Friday, December 31, 2010

The Doggy "Guilty" Look

Does my brudder, Lightning, look guilty?? Well, according to Alexandra Horowitz at Barnard College, New York, don't be too quick to judge. Lightning read about an experiment that shed some light on the subject:

What Really Prompts The Dog's 'Guilty Look'

Horowitz was able to show that what humans interpret as a 'guilty look' in a dog is really just the human's interpretation of their pet's 'guilty look'. Humans tend to anthropomorphize their pet's behaviors and the interpretation of the 'guilty look' falls into that category. The 'look' exhibited by the pet is a reaction to the owner's actions upon discovering the naughty deed, not a reaction to the actual deed that was done by the dog.

Hmmph, I could of told Mom that! Being naughty is fun!


  1. Very good and interesting article. But, I'm sure you didn't do anything to be guilty of - right pal? We is always good!!

  2. Well that makes sense! My Corgi brofur Ein isn't sad about peeing on the carpet, he's sad because the humans found out & are mad at him for it! BOL