Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lost in Da Mail!

...My hooman brudder lives in Japan. He is a teacher at a high school in Osaka, Japan, employed by the JET (Japanese English Teaching Program). Last month, Mom sent him a package Priority Mail (USPS) on November 26. In da package were several items that he had asked for that he misses from the US: toothpaste, deoderant, undies, a face mask for his hockey helmet, and ten Nut Goodies that he was craving!

The package never arrived! It usually only takes one week for a Priority Mail package to travel from Northern Minnesota to Osaka, but not this time! Mom was not really intending for this to be his Christmas present. She was going to send something else, but now she is wondering if she should send another package. Where did the Nut Goodie package go? Should she use the USPS again?

She called the post office and registered that the package was lost. They said it will take at least three weeks to trace the package and they had no info in their database except that she had dropped it off on November 26!

Poor brudder! Not only is he not home for Christmas, but his package is lost in da mail. Send him a Twitter greeting at @bennyjpn and wish the poor guy a Merry Christmas. Hopefully it will cheer him up!


  1. Oh nooo, your mom must feel so bad. Darn post office. Maybe next time insure it and send registered mail - I be it gets there then.

  2. Yah, it was insured, so hopefully all will work out fine. Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Woo - not good. Somewhere is a postal worker enjoying Nut Goodies.