Sunday, December 12, 2010

Poo Gun Store for Serious Shoppers

We were thinking, why not put poo guns up for sale for the serious poo gun player that likes to #pawpawty all day and night? So, here is da store! If you need one, just click on da link below and make a donation. Your new weapon will pack a wallop for da animals!

The Citrus Shooter: Orange you glad this ain't pointed at you?

Eco Friendly Flinger: Made of all natural materials for shooting all natural materials

Doody Dart Gun: Accurate and powerful, for farty fun or fast blasting

High Powered Shooter: For shooting sloshy stuff a long ways!

The Little Lady: For packing heat under that pretty outfit

Make My Day: For the serious player that needs rapid fire and lots of ammo

Serious Doody Shooter:  For Wild Pawpawties only!!! Don't use this at home!

The Slosher: Small but accurate, for watery shots dat sting with odiferous ammo

Snub Nosed Shooter:  for the James Cagney personalities

Space Aged Shooter: for the 21st century ammo that is out of this world!

Zig Zag Zinger: for the player that has papers (if you know what we mean!)

Zippy Zonker: for the player that likes to put a spin on their sin!

1 comment:

  1. he he - I love the idea pal. Expecially like the poo gun for #pawawty.