Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowy Weekend Piktures of Me and Brudder

Here's a bunch of piktures from dis weekend. Brudder and I went outside to play in da snow, and he stayed on da porch to tell me where to hunt; a pikture of our little tree with our stockings under it; and some doggy bones hanging under da Christmas wreath. Mom won't let us open these until Christmas and we are very curious about why dey smell so good!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Give a Goat for Christmas!

Howliday Pawpawty Dis Weekend!

This month’s #pawpawty theme is the howlidays and the charity is Catering to Cats & Dogs in Cornelius, NC.

To learn all about what iz #pawpawty, check out the pawpawty website.

A pikture of my howliday costume is at the right of this blog>>>>

Thank you very much to all our new furriends that have sent us Christmas cards!

We's gonna try to take a pikture of me and my brudder, Lightning, if we's can. It's just that we's are BLACK labs and it is hard to get the lighting just right so that you can see our faces.

Thunder Barnes

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa Paws Pawty in Honor of @PepiSmartDog

This week's pawpawty is in honor of @pepismartdog who crossed the rainbow bridge in September, 2009. He was a great supporter of pawpawtys for shelter anipals throughout da worlds. The theme is 'glam' so we's not sure what boy dogs are s'posed to wear for dat. We's just gonna have to check da closet.

^^^ See pic above. We's met a really nice puppy, named Ayla and we's danced and danced! She had a beautiful pink scarf on and we's had so much fun! Sigh...

Here's da link for da pawpawty:

We's hope to see yous dere!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

This Weekends' Wedding of Hansee and Poppy

Skinny Paws Caught the Garter!

What a beautiful painting of the happy couple on Twitpic
We attended the #pawpawty wedding of Poppy Dog and HanseeBundee dis weekend and raised funds for the Sunny Harbour Cat and Kitten Rescue. It was a global 24 hour celebration of all furriends and family. We's had a great time dancing and drinking champagne (at least until someone revealed that the champagne was made out of sparkling toilet water!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birfday to Dad (hooman dat is)

Dis is a picture of my human dad. It's his birfday today. Da horses are really his mostly. He thinks he is a cowboy. BOL!!!

Some Pics of My Family

Dese are pictures of our hooman sister, Shannon. She is an artist and draws really good anipals! She was living in Leeds, England, but now is returning to the US with her fiance, Rob. Welcome home to Shannon and looking forward to meeting Rob and da big wedding!

Dese are some pictures of our hooman brudder, Paul's purriends. Paul is a big Ohio State fan and dats why Neva has da OSU jersey on!

Here are some pictures of our hooman brudder, Ben, in Thailand. He likes to travel a lot. We's don't. Dere's not enough squirrels for us to chase!

Dis is pictures of my horse brudders, Cody and Chase. Cody has da big white nose. BOL. Dey loves dere home on da farm and da treats dat dey get from mom and dad.

Dis is a picture of me and my brudder when we first came to live with mom and dad on da farm. We were just puppies den and were silly. We were from a litter of 12 puppies born in Ely, Minnesota. Our doggy mom and dad were registered black labs, but we's don't care about dat stuff. We are just glad our human mom and dad love us so much!

Ok, We Be Bloggin' Now

So, dis is our first blog. My brudder, Lightning and me, DogThunder dat is. We's live in Northern Minnesota on a small hobby farm with our horse brudder's, Cody and Chase.

My brudder, Lightning is the Alpha, which means he eats first, gets the pick of where to sit, and I grooms him, especially his ears. Don't ask me why, dats just how it is and it is FINE with me, because I am da Beta dog, da follower.

I have neber had an original thought in my life! In fact, mom had to write dis because it would neber occur to me to do dis.

Anywho, I like attending #Pawpawtys to raise money for animal shelters all over da world. We may talk funny and we may be silly, but me and my friends do good stuff for anipals around da world.