Friday, November 20, 2009

Some Pics of My Family

Dese are pictures of our hooman sister, Shannon. She is an artist and draws really good anipals! She was living in Leeds, England, but now is returning to the US with her fiance, Rob. Welcome home to Shannon and looking forward to meeting Rob and da big wedding!

Dese are some pictures of our hooman brudder, Paul's purriends. Paul is a big Ohio State fan and dats why Neva has da OSU jersey on!

Here are some pictures of our hooman brudder, Ben, in Thailand. He likes to travel a lot. We's don't. Dere's not enough squirrels for us to chase!

Dis is pictures of my horse brudders, Cody and Chase. Cody has da big white nose. BOL. Dey loves dere home on da farm and da treats dat dey get from mom and dad.

Dis is a picture of me and my brudder when we first came to live with mom and dad on da farm. We were just puppies den and were silly. We were from a litter of 12 puppies born in Ely, Minnesota. Our doggy mom and dad were registered black labs, but we's don't care about dat stuff. We are just glad our human mom and dad love us so much!

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