Sunday, December 26, 2010

Backyard Romp in Da Snow

My hooman brudder finally got his present in Japan, exactly one month after Mom sent it. He said it went to Sydney, Australia first for some reason before showing up in Japan. Now that is some well traveled Goodie bars!

Well, anyway, we were bored today so Mom took us outside to play. She shot the video and we romped. We love the snow. Yeah, we are black labs. Yeah, we are water dogs, but we were born in Minnesota! We do not know that there's no duck hunting in the snow. We just like it! It is fun to run and roll in the snow with brudder,,, crazy brudder! ps, we got a little carried away at the end and Mom had to tell us to behave! We just boy dogs for goodnes sake!


  1. Aww you are having so much fun in the snow. he he - glad someone likes it.

  2. Snow is awesome and brings out the pup in all of us.