Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well, it has been a very long time since we have posted an entry in our blog, so it is about time.

We were looking at our friend, @BearBearD's blog where he was wearing a beautiful Indian headdress, and it got us thinking, "What would my name DogThunder be in Cherokee, or Lakota, or Chippewa?" Well, mom has a friend at work, (Dr. Fred Ness) who speaks Lakota, so she asked him! Dr. Ness said that many Native Americans have names with 'dog' in it, like 'Red Dog'.

As a people, the Lakota prefer the term, "Lakota Natives."
Lakota is a dialect of the Siouan Languages. "Lakota" means "Alliance of friends." We found a really terrific website as a reference, and we downloaded the dictionary.

Dog / SUKA/ shue - kah

Thunder(clap)/WAKIYA HOTOPI/wah-kee-yahn hoh-dohn-pee

So, DogThunder would be SUKA WAKIYA HOTOPI!

We also found brudder's name, Lightning!

Thunder(lightning)/WAKIYA TUWAPI/wah-kee-yahn duen-wahn-pee

Wow, that is so cool!

Thank you to for the beautiful graphic!


  1. What an incredibly cool name. Great work! .. aka Sitting Bear

  2. Wow that's interesting. I'm not sure I could remember how too spell dat tho, so I like your name as it is.

  3. Yeah, we like DogThunder better too!