Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sometimes My Brother Bugs Me When

We's started our own Twitter Hashtag #sometimesmybrotherbugsmewhen so that we's can get some things off our chest! Now, that brudder of mine, Lightning, he thinks he is so smart. He always has the ideas. He pushes me away to get pets. He never returns the favor when we's grooms him. Mom throws da ball and he just sits and looks at it! He stands on da porch and tells me where to hunt for da squirrels. So we's need some blog therapy and dis is it! It is free ya know and well worth the typin' time. He never wears any costumes for #dudefests or #pawpawtys. Who does he think he is? Yeah, yeah, I know. Da alpha dog. da leader of da pack (of two). Da idea man. Da primo dogo. Da numero uno peto. Oh, who cares? I am happier bein' da follower. Much less think time then. Look at all da calories I am conservin' by not thinkin' so hard! Besides, mom likes me best. (whispers softly) 'She told me you know'.

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